Tuesday, January 27, 2015

14 Years

January 27, 2001,  Nathaniel and I stood before a crowd of family and friends, and recited vows to each other and to God.  Over the last 14 years we have certainly put those vows to the test...better or worse, sickness and health, rich or poor.  We've pretty much covered it all as we have maneuvered through jobs, cancer, infertility, children, miscarriage, stillbirth, moving to a new place, and all the day-to-day stuff that life holds.  We've filled the days with laughter and tears, worry and joy, fun and not-so-fun, strife and peace, love and more love.  Through it all, we've stood together.  The great, the good, the bad, the ugly...we've done it together.  I am so blessed to journey this life with Nathaniel next to me.  God has been so good to us, and we are grateful. 

I cannot wait to see how God writes the next chapter to this, my very favorite love story!  I love you babe!

Friday, January 23, 2015

13 Years

Today is a big day for me...today, January 23, 2015, marks 13 years cancer free!  I could write pages and pages about the good and the bad, the trials and the victories, the questions and few answers (so it seemed), the ups and downs.  But for today, I simply want to be grateful.  I am grateful for the blessings that came through that trial in my life, the ways God turned the hard into a blessing.  I am grateful for diagnosis and healing from a cancer few survive. I am thankful for my husband and the rock he was for me (and still is!).  I am thankful for my children, for there was a time we weren't sure we could have any.  I am thankful for the lessons learned through the experience, and the ways it made me better.  I am thankful for perspective.  I am thankful, truly thankful.

So today, let's celebrate!  Lift your chin to the heavens and smile!  Breathe deep and find something to be thankful for. 

An older picture, but a favorite of my sweet hubs and I!

Thank you Lord for these last 13 years of life!  I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

Hen Hollow Homestead would like to wish you and your family and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

(My hope is to revive this blog in 2015, posting regularly and sharing our homesteading journey with you!)

The Jones Family

Nathaniel, Anne, Natalie, Levi and the Hens!

Levi (8) and Natalie (11)

Hay Bale Hoppers

On top of the world!


Levi with CowPatti (left) and GiddyUp (right)

Natalie and the girls!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Just wanted to pop in and share our Back-To-Home-School photos.  I planned what I wanted, pulled some props from our homeschool shelves, and we all stepped out into our pasture for a little photography session with our favorite photographer, Nathaniel!  He works wonders with the camera, I tell ya!  Without further adieu, here are our back-to-home-school pictures for 2014-2015.

We are looking forward to a year of blessings!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Soaking it All In

Last week I had the privilege of spending a few days at a conference on faith, family, and homeschooling.  The Teach Them Diligently conference.  It was so refreshing to sit and listen to speakers encourage and challenge me in my personal walk with the Lord, in my parenting, and in my homeschooling.  We could all use some encouragement from time to time, right? 

There were so many good sessions that I wanted to attend, but of course I could only chose one per hour, and that was a challenge. 

I heard from a mom of 9, in a room with a broken air conditioner and she was about 8 months pregnant!  Amy spoke on scheduling your day, and how to fit the good stuff in.  Whew, that is so hard.  I have often heard myself exclaim that there just aren't enough hours in the day.  The reality is, the Lord has given me the time I need to accomplish what He wants me to accomplish.  The challenge is for me to order my days so that the most important things are completed.  I spend plenty of time working on schedules trying to make my home run more efficiently, but I still have a long way to go before perfecting them.  I won't give up...I will continue to pray for God's guidance and wisdom, so that I can order my days well, and accomplish what He has for me!

I heard from a mother-daughter team passionate about the next generation - specifically that they know about the constitution and the roots of America.  Jenine Turner and her daughter Juliette shared a book that Juliette wrote when she was only 14 that explains the Constitution of the United States article by article in a language that children can understand.  Juliette said that the next generation MUST know what their rights are so that they will know when the rights are being taken away.  I couldn't agree more!

I heard from a father of four who has done extensive research on the question of dating vs. courting.  Nathaniel and I are fully aware that our choices for our family on this topic may make others question and judge, but we are committed to following God's call for our family despite the criticism.  That includes raising our children to follow the principles of courtship.  Mr. Gunderson said so many things that are truth about courtship.  Courtship is not an arranged marriage, like so many misunderstand it to be.  Choosing a mate is a BIG deal, though, and it is wise to seek council from family.  Just think, a girl is choosing the man under whom she will submit for the rest of her life...that is a huge decision.  (And no, it doesn't mean submission like a slave, but rather biblical submission to her husband.)  At every turn, dating focuses more on privacy, being alone together, personal space, and entertainment.  Courtship is getting to know someone in the context of family, both yours and theirs, and being open and accountable to parents.  Mr. Gunderson said so many things that were wonderful and challenging...I could go on and on about his wise words.  If you are interested in the Dating vs. courtship questions, I'd encourage you to get a copy of his book Courtship and Dating: So What's the Difference? 

I really enjoyed a session given by homeschool veteran Pam Forster...a mom who homeschooled lots of children and is now on the other side, playing with lots of grandbabies.  Her session was entitled 'What I Would Do Differently" and it was a blessing.  She was able to say, from her wisdom and experience, things that she would do differently if she knew then what she knows now.  Examples included praising her children more than she corrected them, praying MORE, trusting God MORE, and worrying less.  She gave fantastic examples and stories and I left encouraged that I could learn from her experience.  She has already walked this path I am on, and listening to her, heeding her words, will help me to make some changes now.  Just maybe I can save myself some worry.  Maybe I can alter my own bad habits, and become a parent who praises MORE than I correct.  Just as scripture says, the younger women can learn so much from the older women.  We should do more of that!

A few of the sessions I attended were given by Josh Duggar.  For those unfamiliar with that name, he is in fact the oldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting.  And yes, we watch lots of that show around here...good wholesome family entertainment that shows healthy family dynamics instead of children with no parental involvement (think about all those shows where there are no parents in the episodes.  Yuk!) or shows where children are disobedient and disrespectful to their parents/elders. 

But I digress.  Josh gave three powerful sessions of faith, family, and freedom.  He spoke on finding your vision, both for yourself and your family.  He encouraged us to surround ourselves and our families with other like-minded people who will constantly point us to God.  He encouraged lives of service and action, both at home, in our communities, and in the government.  He spoke about passing on the torch to our children, but first reminded us that the torch must be lit!  He encouraged us to stand firm, and hold fast to the truths we find in scripture.  Strong families are the answer to many of today's issues, and he boldly challenged us to seek God and create strong families.  He spoke of working hard.  He spoke of liberty and freedom, and unfortunately much of America doesn't even truly understand the definition of these things.  He asked how we could think that the world would honor God's design for life, when even those of us to claim to be Christians (Christ followers) are not able honoring it.  I say that oftentimes we look a little too much like the world, and we aren't different enough.  He was inspiring, challenging, encouraging.  It was good!

I even got to meet him and chat with him for a little while afterwards.  He is absolutely genuine...a kind heart who is passionate for Christ.

Needless to say, my time at the conference was well spent.  I left excited, challenged, and encouraged.  I came home with several books to read and a notebook of notes to ponder, re-read, and pray over.  God was so good to allow me the opportunity to attend.  It was the first time the Teach Them Diligently conference had ever been held in Dallas, and I am looking forward to TTD 2015!

Monday, May 19, 2014

But there is Joy...

It's been too long again.  Much too long since I have posted here on the blog.  I've found myself in a reflective and introspective place as of late.  Lots to think about, to ponder, and to store up in my heart.  It's so easy to get bogged down in the negative...the difficult days that often seem monotonous or mundane.  Just a few minutes watching the news will tell you things are far from perfect in the world.  But for me, and for you too, we can shift our perspective with just a few simple things.  If we feel and express gratitude, even for the smallest of things, we will find joy.  Here at Hen Hollow Homestead, we seek joy!  No, life isn't perfect and it is far from a fairy tale.  But life is good...and we are thankful!

JOY in the kitchen...

JOY in shredding and freezing 10 quarts of zucchini that I purchased for less than $3.00 at the discount grocery store!

JOY in the fresh fruits and veggies I can feed my family because 
it was all affordable at the discount grocery store!

JOY in the garden...

Our grapevine is doing fabulous...we are sure to have grapes this year!

JOY is found because even though working and tending the garden is hard work, it looks like we will have plenty of squash to enjoy.  If you look closely above, we even have twins!

JOY at the signs of a bountiful zucchini harvest!

JOY as we watch the roses bloom out the front window!
(and yes, I have weeded the flower bed since this was taken!)

JOY with the family...

JOY as I watch Natalie teaching Levi to use the sewing machine!  His wife will thank her later!

JOY when Natalie makes wonderful and healthy soaps.

JOY when I find time to read books that are rooted in scripture and such an encouragement for families striving to raise disciples!  Side note:  I highly recommend this book!

JOY in artwork!

I may be considered strange for this one, but yes, there is even JOY in purging junk!  I've been cleaning out for a garage sale and anything not bolted to the floor is fair game to be priced and sold!  I LOVE IT!!

There is even JOY in the hard times...

The day before his 8th birthday, Levi fell on his head and we ended up spending the day in the ER.  He sustained a concussion, and had to have a CT scan to rule out more severe complications.  After several hours of rest in the ER, we were released bring him home and watch him closely over the next couple of weeks.  Bless his heart, he was so sad to be there since he was missing out on the family lunch and movie for his birthday.  BUT, we found JOY in knowing he was going to be okay, and we found JOY as we were able to spend time together talking and giggling.  There was NOTHING on TV that was child appropriate except for cooking shows.  Levi watched for a few minutes and then proclaimed, "I give up.  I can't watch this anymore because I am starving and I can't eat anything.  This is making it worse!"  Bless him.  BUT, he is feeling good as new now, and we are so thankful to God for His protection of our sweet boy.  Joy.

Carson's balloon release 2011

And then there is today.  Today marks my sweet Carson's 9th birthday...he was stillborn in 2005.  He is celebrating his ninth birthday with Jesus, and boy do I miss him so.  I still long to have him here with me, in my arms, sharing my home and my days.  But since he can't be here, he is in the ONLY other place I can be at peace about...Heaven.  Absolutely there is sadness and grief over all of the things I miss, the dreams shattered...but through it all, there is a JOY.  I can feel joy because my son is in the presence of Jesus.  I feel joy because he is full of joy and laughter all of the time.  I feel joy because I know that someday I will see him again...we will be together forever.  Today, as I release balloons to my nine year old son, Carson Graham, I will feel JOY because I was blessed by him...changed by him.  I am forever his mommy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hooray for longer days!  We need the extra hours of daylight in order to accomplish all that there is to do here at the homestead.  Not only are the days growing longer, but the to-do list is growing like crazy.  We can definitely feel spring in the air around here, and it energizes us as we tackle each day's work.

I am still having trouble getting pictures to upload here, but hopefully soon my IT guy will be able to help me figure out what the problem is.  Until then, I'll just share some of the fun with words.

We have been working on...

...preparing and planting the garden.  So far we have onions, beets, cauliflower, lettuce, three kinds of tomatoes, zucchini squash, yellow squash, black-eyed peas, green beans, okra, jalapenos, banana peppers, and green and red bell peppers.  Crazy as it may sound, I still have more to get planted!  We are praying for a bountiful harvest this year so we can continue canning and storing up for the off-season to cut the grocery bills down.  Pray for that with us?

...raising two new batches of chickens.  We have six babies in the brooder box, chirping and napping and eating and growing!  We also have 31 pullets that we have just put out to the pasture.  They are adjusting well to all of the green grass and open space.  Come summer we should have plenty of eggs to eat and even more to sell.  Interested in Hen Hollow Homestead eggs?

...adding a section of fence in the yard, and also putting in a gate directly from the yard to the garden.  That gate has been in for three days, and has already proven itself so valuable.

...watching Dottie, our broody mama chicken, sit on her eggs, and anticipating the day when even more new chicks hatch right here on the farm!  Less than a month from now, we will witness the miracle of birth, chicken style!

...clearing out underbrush and trimming trees.  This is HARD labor, and we COULD NOT do it without the help of my dad on his awesome tractor.  Things are already looking more tidy, though we have a long way to go.

...dealing with poison ivy, again!  See above, as all of the tree trimming and clearing of the underbrush inevitably gives Nathaniel and the kids a case of poison ivy.  Ugh!  (Thankfully, I seem to be immune! :)

...working in the flower beds, pulling weeds, planting flowers, turning the soil.  They still look rough, but someday I hope our efforts pay off!

Some other things on our list include...

...rain barrels.  We have the supplies, but haven't had time to get them put together.

...a cucumber tepee for the garden.

...hanging a tire swing in the tree outside the yard.

...continuing to trim trees and clear underbrush.

...build a pole barn/garden shed so I can store all of my gardening tools and supplies closer to the garden!

...filling in some bare spots in the backyard with fresh grass seed.  Having two dogs has taken a toll on our poor backyard, so we are going to give it a rest and some fresh grass seed.  Hopefully we can patch up all of the bare spots!

As spring is here, I have also been in the mood to clean out and organize inside of the house as well.  I open all of the window blinds and let the sun shine in while I work!  I've been clearing out drawers and closets in hopes of a garage sale with my sister soon.  A little extra cash would come in really handy right about now, with all of the projects we have on the list!

What about you?  What have you been up to?